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Even if you love the beautiful pictures of socks in Toe-Up!, you may be wondering what they look like in real life. If the artiness of the book's photos makes you feel like you're not getting all the information you need about the socks, never fear! My intrepid hubby, Bill, and I had a little photo shoot in our driveway and here are the results.

These are the socks that fit my feet or Bill's, modeled without any staging on my very un-modellike legs (and Bill's very wide feet and hairy legs), without any special lighting other than the sun, photographed by a rank amateur (Bill photographed my feet, I photographed his). We apologize for the lack of kid feet, but they refused to sit still for a photo shoot. Plus, their feet have grown since the original photos were taken last winter!

I hope it gives you a good idea of how the socks will look on your own feet, in the wild, and please forgive our amateur photography/modeling skills! Click on any thumbnail for a larger view of that photo.

snuggalicious slipper socks

mix-and-match rib sock recipe (eyelet rib)

mix-and-match rib sock recipe (bamboo rib, modeled by bill)

syncopated rib boot socks (modeled by bill)

old-school knee-highs

gull wing (modeled by bill)



diamond lucy

the dude abides



great plains

spring in oregon

peace lily


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